Heil og sæl!

We are Matti and Shirah (Maht-teh & Shy-ruh). He’s a modern Icelandic viking who is annoyingly good at everything & she’s your average 20-something going through her quarter-life crisis.

When our two mini Valkyries in training go to bed, we like to watch movies and try to guess the plot before it reveals itself. Although I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t enjoy being right, we take more pleasure in plot lines we don’t see coming.

Stories in varying mediums are our passion. And since both of us have separately (and so far unsuccessfully 🙈) started to write a few stories, we came up with the idea of combining our strengths and writing one together.

Favorite hobby with your favorite person. Can I just say I think we’re onto something here? 👌

Join us on our journey in finishing our first full manuscript! Tune in weekly for our latest chapter teases, character backstories,  research discoveries, and whatever magic pops into our heads.

-Matti & Shy