A Writerly Pair

This website serves as an outlet to gratify our need for expressing ourselves, while we take on the wonderful journey of finishing the manuscript of our debut book series “The Ragnarök Saga”.

Here we share our successes, blunders, experiences and a little of ourselves, and when we’re feeling particularly cheeky we’ll share teaser excerpts from our books.

Gems of Wisdom

Just a Few Changes

Hey there! We hope you all had a lovely holiday. Ours were cozy and very laid back, with very little writing. Womp womp. Our family dynamic has greatly changed in the last year, and with that we decided it would […]

4 Tips for Surviving NaNoWriMo

I have made one or two half-hearted attempts at participating in National Novel Writing Month, but have given up two weeks in with only a few thousand words written. Even with preparation in October, writing 50,000 words in 30 days […]

Why Voice is the Most Essential Ingredient in Your Writing

Ah, voice. The ever elusive and incredibly vague element 99% of literary agents say they’re looking for. Ella Marie Shupe once said in an interview, “a great first page with a compelling voice and sufficient atmosphere always stands out.” But […]

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