A Writerly Pair

This website serves as an outlet to gratify our need for expressing ourselves, while we take on the wonderful journey of finishing the manuscript of our debut book series “The Ragnarök Saga”.

Here we share our successes, blunders, experiences and a little of ourselves, and when we’re feeling particularly cheeky we’ll share teaser excerpts from our books.

Gems of Wisdom

Writing Vivid Scenes

What to Do When You’re Struggling With a Scene

Writing descriptions has never been my forte. In fact, I used to bequeath Matti with every single setting description and fight scene because I found both to be so dang hard! If he was busy writing something else, I would […]

Building your Pinterest Platform by AWriterlyPair

Dos and Don’ts When Building Your Pinterest Platform

Ah, Pinterest. I remember the first time I was introduced to this beautiful and beguiling site 😂 It was 2012 and my schoolmate told me about this online idea board that allowed you to save and browse pictures from across […]

Person in yellow rain coat looking over black sandy beach

Write Something That Will Change Your Life

Do you have an amazing character floating around in your head, banging on the proverbial door to be let out? Or maybe you have this beautiful world you’ve created, and you are just itching to show it to the rest […]

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