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So I am fairly certain the only one reading these posts at this point is my grandma (and perhaps our Alpha’s IDK). But if you’re here, hey there!


We more or less fell off the face of the earth about a year ago. I got pregnant with our third at the end of the summer and I got really sick. For the entire nine months, every time I tried to sit down and work on edits my brain would shut down. For me, pregnant brain is like being possessed by Patrick Star.


Then 2020 happened. . .

This year has been nothing short of a challenge for all of us. I don’t have to tell you that. You’re sitting here, nodding your head, brows raised as if to say “ya think?” But while the world is facing a global pandemic, riots and protests, financial crises (and for us in particular, earthquakes and threats of a volcanic eruption), there have been so many moments of growth, compassion, and kindness.

I recognize I have had it good throughout all of this. We have been tremendously blessed in our circumstances. Sure, we weren’t without our disappointments. I was absolutely devastated that my mom and sister couldn’t be here after my baby was born. Yes, we faced fear and uncertainty, but we have been fortunate enough to be able to cope and manage for the most part. One thing I’ve learned throughout the first six months of 2020 is the proportion between adversity and blessings.

One blessing of which. . .


🥳 🥳 🥳

Yes, FINISHED! Revised, Beta’ed, and formatted. Now we are a week into queries, making new mistakes and learning new lessons. Every time I stop and think about it, I get emotional. This is so surreal. No worldly accomplishment can compare to this. We wrote a 126,000 word novel and it is now in the hands of actual literary agents. Are they reading it? I have no idea 😂. But we did receive our first rejection letter last night and we are (surprisingly) okay with it. That YES we are looking for is out there. In the meantime, what questions do you have about the traditional publishing process? Are you querying anything at the moment? Let us know in the comments!

Sjáumst síðar!

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