Just a Few Changes

Hey there! We hope you all had a lovely holiday. Ours were cozy and very laid back, with very little writing. Womp womp. Our family dynamic has greatly changed in the last year, and with that we decided it would be best to focus our energies better. This means our writing energy will be spent less on our website and more on writing itself. To make this site better suit our current needs and capacities, we have decided to reduce our posts to (about) monthly. I say “about” because when your availability is determined by the ever changing needs of a baby, you never know when you will have time to focus on your hobbies. Even now I am typing this with my non-dominant hand while holding my baby in the other. When we do post, it will most likely be short stories so our writing time can be better focused on honing our craft.

I know I am using a lot of wishy washy words like “might” and “almost.” The reality is, at the moment we are still writing purely for the fun of it. Yes, the dream is to one day make a career out of writing, but for now we are raising our children and trying to put food on the table. We appreciate your interest in our journey to becoming published authors and are truly, truly grateful for your support.

Sjaumst sídar!

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